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Italvalvole has designed, built and launched a new series of DN100÷250 modulating valves

Italvalvole progetta, costruisce e lancia sul mercato un nuovo tipo di valvola  2


After a careful study of design and prototyping, Italvalvole® is ready to launch a new series of modulating valves. So, the current SBS series will be enhanced starting from the DN 100 up to DN 250.Standard materials in ductile iron GJS 500, WCB carbon steel and CF3M stainless steel will be produced, with nominal pressures PN 16 PN 40, ANSI 150 and ANSI 300. Two or three ports, both mixers and diverters, soft metal or Stellite seals are available.

The new SBS have been equipped with a new pneumatic actuator with larger size membrane, Ø 530 with various control signals [3÷15, 6÷30, 9÷32 and 20÷40 psi]. New shutter profiles, especially designed and analysed with the aid of the Flow Simulation program made with both linear and equal percentage specifications, with the feature of creating low load losses and subsequently achieving high Kv.


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