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Italvalvole®, thanks to its multi-years experience in the valve industry, has a flexible and dynamic structure ready to develop customers’ needs. 

Different professional figures, including a team of specialized engineers, whose experience allows us to offer personalized solutions to multiple needs, are a fundamental part of our staff.


Italvalvole®, provides all its experience and resources, addressing them to a close collaboration with the customer; it studies, designs and realizes, through the creation of prototypes, the most suitable solutions to the requests. The use of the most modern specialized software guarantees maximum elasticity and speed of execution for every type of realization.

As a result of the personalization, a final product is created and will be developed with its own documentation according to the law:

 • 2D and 3D project

• Construction drawings

• Calculation report

• Instruction manuals

• Type FEM test (structural and fluidic)


Range of products :

• ON-OFF valves

• Control valves

• Butterfly valves

• Safety valves

• Ball valves

• Check valves


Body material:

GJL-250, GJS -500, WCB, CF8M