Italvalvole's story

Italvalvole is a family business founded in 1973, where Oscar Spadon is assisted by his sons Omar and Oscar jr. and by trusted collaborators specialised in the various business sectors.

It was one of the first Italian companies to produce automatic process valves, focusing production on linear and rotary actuated valves with On-Off function and regulation with manual, pneumatic and electrical control. Such valves can be used wherever there is the need to intercept and regulate a fluid, whether it be an aggressive or inert liquid, gas, suspension emulsion or solution. The sectors of application are extremely varied: textile, chemical-pharmaceutical, food, steel, oil & gas and packaging.

Italvalvole: excellence in the production of multifunctional valves

Italvalvole designs and manufactures valves and other products, sold worldwide through authorised distributors and, thanks to the FULL AEO certification, guarantees streamline customs stages, resulting in time and cost benefits

Endorsed work for a product that is always certified

Italvalvole® is perfecting its management system in the belief that improving organisation, reducing costs and maximising time are the most valuable tools for keeping up with new targets set by increasing competitiveness over the last few years. Italvalvole® felt it appropriate to provide its customers with some essential guarantees, subjecting its Quality Management System to the necessary tests and obtaining official recognition.

From pioneers to world market leader in the production of industrial valves

Italvalvole®'s mission is to maintain its position as leader in the valve market. We started out as pioneers and are now leading producers and suppliers to all major global manufacturers and installers. The choice of our owner to keep production in Italy allows us to ensure lasting quality over time, quick deliveries and an immediate delivery service for some items on request

Design and production of valves, flanges, filters and other products

Italvalvole® has forty years of experience in the valve industry with a corporate philosophy aimed at developing innovative, quality products capable of satisfying customer needs. Italvalvole® researches and conceives all its projects exclusively in its own technical department, which is staffed by highly qualified, proactive individuals constantly on the look out for the best solutions on how to grow with the aid of the most innovative technologies.

We have the valve for whatever application you are looking for
Our staff will help you find the right product for your needs

Italvalvole: a company on the move

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AT THE SERVICE OF YOUR NEEDS   Italvalvole®, thanks to its multi-years experience in the valve industry, has a flexible and dynamic structure ready to develop customers’ needs.  Different professional figures, including a team of specialized engineers, whose experience allows us to offer personalized solutions to multiple needs, are a fundamental part of our staff.   Italvalvole®, provides all its experience and resources, addressing them to a close collaboration...

Thousands, millions of people work, produce and save despite all that we can come up with to disturb, impede or discourage them. It is a natural vocation that drives them; not just the thirst for profit. The pleasure and pride in seeing one's own company prosper, gain credit, inspire confidence in an increasingly growing clientele, expand facilities, constitute the motivation to grow that is equally as powerful as making profits. If this were not the case, it would be impossible to explain why there are entrepreneurs who invest all their energy and capital in their own company, in order to see only a modest financial return that they could easily earn elsewhere.

Our certifications

ISO 9001 and FULL AEO certification, the company is globally recognised by major equipment manufacturers as a point of excellency in the engineering sector

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